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Welcome to the A-1 Med Spa Services page.

In this section, you will see brief overviews of all the services that are currently on offer. All of our services are either done online or through mobile bookings.

The journey to your better self includes both mind and body, and in here, a healthier you is our main goal.

We're happy to be part of your journey. Your best version is just a click away.

Holistic Services

Virtual Reality Device

Relaxing Sensory Therapy

(In Person)

The ultimate relaxing spa experience that allows you to let go and fully indulge in your happy place. Whether you’re wanting to float in space or dive deep in the ocean through our Virtual Reality experience including some relaxing spa services.

Spiritual Guide Services

(1-on-1 consultation - Video Chat)

A consultation and then I will create a guide of which stage you should start. Then I will create a kit or homework that I feel would be best for you to accomplish what you’re wishing to achieve.

Pampas Flower
Couple Meditating

Guided Meditation

(In Person)

Are you looking to free your mind and let go of all the negative energy surrounding you but don't really know how to? Guided Meditation is the perfect service for you.

An in person service where I will guide you through releasing all that has been holding you back.

Body Contouring

All services are mobile only.

Laser Lipo

Will copy the description from the website

lase lipo cropped.jpg


Will copy the description from the website

Advance Body Sculpting

Will copy the description from the website

Vacuum (Advanced bdy sculpting).PNG
radio frq.jpg

Radio Frequency

Will copy the description from the website

Wood Therapy

Will copy the description from the website

wood therapy candice.jpg
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