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Holistic Services

VR Goggles

Relaxing Sensory Therapy

(In Person)

Let’s open up your senses and escape! I will take you on a journey through a guided meditation where all you will receive is positive energy. You will  let go & recharge, forgetting and leaving all of the negative pressures society has brought to you. When the session is completed you will be feeling high and strong as we have now released the negative vibes and created a stronger shield allowing you to take charge of your day.

What’s included:

  • Consultation

  • Picking out the location that you would like to escape to 

  • I will customize your kit to achieve the best experience to brighten your mood and giving you the best recharge

This Service will be an  in person service. You will fill out a form and I will create a customized kit for you that will be used during the session and for you to be able to take home.

Meditating in Garden

Guided Meditation

Prayer Candles

Spritiual Guide Services

If you are participating in the community membership or have watched one of my challenges on YouTube but still want a 1 on 1 experience. We will have a consultation and then I will create a guide of which stage you should start. Then I will create a kit or homework that I feel would be best for you to accomplish what you’re wishing to achieve.

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