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The Ultimate Self Care Journey

Welcome to A-1 Medspa

Come join the community of like-minded people that are just wanting to love themselves more. Sometimes, we do not need validation from others but truly want it from ourselves. I have been at my lowest fighting against my journey because I haven't truly learned to value myself. I talked like I knew but didn’t walk it. So if you’re like me then come join as we cleanse, protect, heal, learn and grow ourselves into our highest forms. Which will gift us into being able to handle and achieve all of our dreams, goals and wishes.

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The Journey

Kits & individual items will be available for purchase in the shop.
The ultimate self care planner will be available and will have all phases.



Money Mantras


Guided Meditations

Positivity Mindset


Mindset (2).png
Writing a Book


Journal & Meditating

Each day we face our own experiences, good or bad, or something from the future, present, or past. Thoughts run through our minds every second of the day. You are the only person to understand exactly how you feel. Journaling is great for letting some of that emotional weight go. Then meditating helps clear your mind and place positive energy and focus to guide your day. Let the universe help carry on that weight and let’s start enjoying life.

Spa Bath Salt


Home & Spa Services

Being aware of our bodies and all they do for us can help us become grateful and appreciate them even more. I want to show you my favorite easy workouts and the best things to eat and drink when recovering or maintaining a healthy body. Also, I can show you some incredible soothing treatments that work wonders on your muscles.

Scent Oils



The power of smell can take you on so many trips that reflect your past or open your mind to connect to your future. Aromatherapy's natural properties can help you change your mood, allowing you to focus and heal the body.

Self-awareness Consultation

Sensory Therapy

Body Contouring Services

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