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Body Contouring Services

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A-1 Med Spa

Slimming Cream

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A-1 Med Spa

Thermo-Active Hot Gel

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A-1 Med Spa Slimming Cream and Thermo-Active Hot Gel go hand-in-hand in making sure that you are getting rid of unwanted fat and cellulite, without doing too much of the hard work.

A-1 Med Spa Slimming Cream helps reduce fat & cellulite. shapes the body, and hydrates the skin, and is meant to be used everyday.

While, A-1 Med Spa Thermo--Active Hot Gel is a more powerful version of the Slimming Cream which contains all the benefits with faster results, and is meant to be used every 3 days.

For better results, closely follow our instructions and massage tutorials.

Note: Always do a patch test before trying any topical product. We are not liable for any allergic reactions that may occur.

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Laser Lipo

• Destroys and drains fat cells

• No surgery, No pain, No down time
• Target the areas you most want to improve
• Relaxing, affordable laser technology
• Loose inches from places exercise & diet alone cannot reach
• Improve self-esteem and confidence
• Alternative to traditional Liposuction




• Stimulates the skin’s own ability to produce collagen and elastin

• Quick, convenient and painless
• Immediately reveals tighter, younger looking skin
• No surgery, No pain, No down time
• Triggers the skin’s own healing function

Vacuum Therapy

• Non-invasive treatment to combat severe cellulite

• No surgery, No pain, No down time

• Has an exfoliating effect
• Provides elasticity to the skin
• Relaxes the muscles
• Increased metabolism

• Improves body profile

• Tones and smooths skin

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• Best for reducing cellulite and adipose fat

• No surgery, No pain, No down time
• Results last long with a healthy lifestyle
• No scars, no anesthesia

• Results are gradual, so discretion can be maintained

Radio Frequency

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Wood Therapy

• No surgery, No pain, No down time
• Loosens tight muscles

• Breaks down cellulite and burning fat

• Naturally eliminates toxins in your body

• Speeds up your metabolism

• Stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic drainage

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