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Why is my private area dark?

Age - As you age, your private areas naturally turn dark. This is attributed to hormonal changes. Genetics - You may inherit genes that cause dark skin in your private areas. Pregnancy - While you may not have dark skin in your private areas, you may develop the same during pregnancy

New Bleaching Cream for Intimate Areas 

Made in USA 

Potent Whitening Cream  Dark Spot Remover for Body & Skin Lightener - 4oz
Achieve visibly lighter and brighter skin in 4-6 weeks. The advanced formula is specifically designed visibly lighten pigmentation that may occur at sensitive areas such as the underarms, face, breasts, bikini line, anal and genital areas. The treatment is free from harmful chemicals and can be used straight after waxing due to the extremely gentle formula.

Brazilian Bikini Skin Lightening Cream

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